Sunday, January 10, 2016

A real life hero, doesn't wear a suit. . . . . .


myself and Sam, a friend of mine and her kiddos (that Sam is very good friends with,)

 well the kids had all been cooped up and we thought what better way to run them (the kids) and the dog, and get a lil exercise, too.
We headed down the walking path, and towards the river. there's some homeless camps and stuff near the river and this trail, THAT doesn't concern me, I just don't allow the kids or the dog, off the path.

My friend, her kids were not (but are now) FULLY AWARE that Fritz is at least partially trained with search and rescue.
one thing we know is, he will NOT GIVE UP WHEN SENT AFTER SOMETHING.
we've had to leave the lake before, becuase he was drowning himself diving for a toy that sank...

Knowing that, as Sam does, he had a hold of he leash really tight, by the water.
well I dunno if one of the kids kicked a rock into the river, or threw something, either way they had NO CLUE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN BECUASE OF IT.

all I remember hearing, was Sam absoultely screaming, MOM GET FRITZ, as he made a B LINE FOR THE WATER. (and he was still yelling)
where we were, 
the bank was packed and almost a 45 degree angle, Fritz pretty well slid into the water, then swam about 15 feet out, well the water was very rough , small waves "breaking" on the flat rock, that was obviously too slick to try and navagate.

I''m watching him in the water, as my kid is screaming, don't let him die mom!!!!!

as I stood at the side of the bank, I was trying to one, prepare Sam, in case he really did drown, and not blame anyone, and two, at what point do I jump in the river???

the leash was still attached to him, and his head would bob UNDER the water, as it was tangled in his legs, and he still wasn't giving up on the stick, yet.
I called him over and over again. I don't remember at what point, but Annie walked up to me with her coat wide open and just demanded I drop my phone and EVERYTHING IN MY POCKETS<
I think she COULD SEE I WAS GOING IN.....(or thought, that would sure suck to fall in the water with your phone, too) 

dumped everything out, ran down to where the bank flattens out JUST ENOUGH,
(meaning, I ran along the river bank until I get GET down to the water)
 that I got down to where the breakers, were.
annie stood half way between me, and the top of the bank.

I stood there and told that dog to come to me< NOOOOOWWWWWWWWW
he unwillingly, started for me, but still disappeared under the water a handful of times.
everything runs in slow motion , when in such a situation.

But, as soon as I could reach his collar, I was about half way to my knee in the columbia river,
as soon as I had a good grip on him,
I could feel EVERY muscle in his body relax.
he was absolutely exhausted.

I'm not sure there's any one word to describe the way all the kids were looking at us, and the way I felt at the same time. 

I carried him fireman style, sorta. LOL
up the bank and to the top, and yes I felt like a hero to the kids and I'm pretty sure Annie did to.
we saved the fucking day.

Fritz, and the kids, listened really well, the rest of the time,
and a great day was had by ALL.

Love all my friends, who choose to love me back, UNCONDITIONALLY.
because, that's the ONLY WAY I LOVE.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday.

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