Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update from the lawyer

Well you know I WISH I could give all of you, all the "gory" details, but I just can't......
i want mike to be able to FIGHT AND WIN this case, and for that to all go through, I just cannot
disclose much of anything.
I can say, that when this is ALL OVER,
the truth will prevail, and mike WILL BE HOME with US, where he belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just KNEW this wasn't Mike......
I just knew, in my heart, my husband, that stood by my side,
when i was at my VERY WORST.......
I knew he wouldn't "force" himself on ANYBODY, I knew IF he was a cheater of ANY KIND,
I would have known about it, a LONG TIME AGO.......
not now,
not when everything was really good between us, and had been really good between us.
we have MOST DEFINITELY had our "issues" in the past....
but you know something,
I've never questioned Mike's "fidelity" with me, not once..... well maybe I've asked
him,,, when I was in my early 20s and really insecure about myself....
but not in the last five years?
or more?
definitely not since we had a son...... Mike's never been "that" guy.....NEVER
so when this whole nightmare began,
it was like the wind was knocked out of me,
and I stand back up, and STILL DONT GET IT!!!
I'm still like WTF just happened???
the "allegation" is only touching,,,,, no clothes removed, and while driving.
and WE KNOW ITS BS right?
I'm just finally able to feel some relief, that the way I see him,,,
the MAN I KNOW, will prevail.
it might take some time, but IT WILL PREVAIL
thanks so much
to all of you who've been supportive of me and especially of him......
he was so broken last night.... it was so painful to try and keep him seeing things
positive SOMEHOW!!!!
all I could tell him tonight, was that I talked with the lawyer, and
it was all good stuff, and he'd be in to see him tomorrow......
Mike said, I can HEAR THE RELIEF IN YOUR VOICE,,,,, and from that ALONE
I could hear it in HIS.
maybe this all was just a test,,,,
a test to show him, I"LL STICK BY HIM just like he did for me,
and you know, if I can make it through THIS ORDEAL sober,
JEEZ I can make it through ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks a million to everyone!!!
I'll keep you updated, as much as I CAN!!!

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