Saturday, September 1, 2012

About the lawyers appointment,,,, and my stubborn kid

Here we are,
the beginning of September already.
I cannot believe Sam will be four years old, soon. In december!!! Its just crazy!!! It's true what they say, time flies by. All you can do is "seize the day" and let it happen.
I heard a great quote this last week................
"this morning I went to wake up my baby, and there was a little boy there instead"

Yep, I can relate.

Yesterday morning I went to see an attorney. The landlord from the apartment has sent me a 'statement' saying he was 'holding' my deposit. Until when? doesn't say. Just to sum up, our 30 day notice said we'd be out by the 1st of august, but we ended up checking out on July 17th. Thats the day they picked, after I told them it was ready. We left a first, last, and deposit when we moved in (in 07) and we were a full month ahead on our rent, moving out. We had NO idea we would get 'in' to the new place as fast as we did. So anyways, this statement, said NOTHING about the full month ahead we were on rent. That worried me. I tried emailing the landlord, the manager and I even called a few times. NO reply.
So, I made the appointment with the lawyer.
Guess what he said????
The landlord technically he has until TUESDAY to give us a 'final statement'
If not, he'll owe DOUBLE the money. If he does give us a statement/money back but its missing the full months rent we were ahead, he'll owe DOUBLE that. Oh, and did I mention, HE will have to pay the attorney's fees????? ha ha ha
Im gonna win this one.
I even put all that, on our notice when we moved out, gave them a copy of our 'check in' sheet with all the money that we paid to move in, and a copy of the last time we paid rent, saying it was ahead.
I guess he didn't think I was serious. He must think Im still on drugs and theres NO way I'd pay a hundred bucks to go see a lawyer and figure out what my rights are. Boy, will he be wrong, if that's the case.
Now, there IS the chance he'll send it. . . . . . .   But I sorta think he would have at least replied to one email or phone call and said it was on the way. AT LEAST.
Now Im hoping that its the furthest thing from his mind!!!!!!!!!!!!
Double the $$$ would sure be nice!!!!!
******fingers crossed******

Sam got really sick at the end of  last weekend. He had a temperature of 103 under his arm.
Now, he's had high temp's before and wont drink anything, acts lethargic, etc.
The last time it happened we went to the ER. I couldn't get him to drink any tylenol, or take any, or drink even water, that I had put tylenol in. So his fever was getting worse and worse. To make a long story short, they ended up giving him tylenol rectally at the hospital. His fever came down, and he started drinking fluids, all was well.
So the nurse told me if it happens again, save a trip to the ER and just buy some OTC rectal tylenol.  I bought some then, in case his fever came back.
BACK to last weekend.................
Took his temp, and told him he needed medicine to feel better. I ran to the store and got EVERY flavor of chewable tylenol they had.
He HATES medicine, by the way.
I show him the chewables, and asked him what kind he wanted. He told me he WAS NOT gonna eat any medicine. I said, if you don't eat it, its going up your bum. One way or the other, your going to have it.
"up my bum" he replies.
Now, that is a stubborn child, right???? So mike helped hold him still, and we 'got the job done' and 30 mins later, his fever was down. About 4 hours later, I took his temp again, and you already know, it was back up to 103.
I gave him the choice, again!! I brought out all the flavors. He said he'd eat it this time, but as soon as he had them in his hand, he threw them to the dog!!!
then, he says,
Just put it in my bum. and stripped off his underwear.
OMG!! right???? Well, we repeated the process of last time, he got a piece of candy for holding still, and he didn't even whine!!!! I couldn't believe it.
Wow, my kid is stubborn.
So now, he still has a cough, but the fever only lasted about 24 hours. I took him to preschool monday morning and told them he still had a low grade fever but I hadn't given him Tylenol in about 12 hours.  My mom actually took vacation last week from work, so I had 'back up' ready to go. But, they didnt send him home, he did just fine.
He still has a lingering cough. I wish it would get better. Still congested and stuff. Im not sure how long to wait until I make a doctor's appointment for him. At this point, Im thinking I'll wait til the weekends over and see what he sounds like tuesday. It sorta seems like he's had some kind of cough, since he STARTED there. LOL

I see my doctor on Tuesday. Haven't seen him in a little over 3 months. It is nice these days not to have to go ALL the time like I did in the start.
He will be disappointed that I'm still smoking cigarettes. Yes, I know I need to quit, and Ive heard his speech so many times already I can prolly repeat it back to him. LOL
Its hard. I just need to buckle down and get it done. I feel like it's my last bad habit. It's my last 'link' to my 'past life'. Know what I mean???
Ive given up so much, yes, its all been good to give up, but I'm kinda like who cares if I smoke?
Im sure the dr's gonna ask what my 'plan' is when my patient assistance thing is over also with the suboxone. Well, I found out I can apply for the program again. (I apologize if Ive said this before) I'm going to stay on it. No plans to go 'off' for now. And if mike starts that new job, then we'll all have health insurance, more importantly prescription coverages. the Rx is the most expensive part of my treatment. But, I'd trade that any day to not go back. And with me on a somewhat lower dose than I was on, the cost would be right around $250 a month, or $125 each paycheck. Small price to pay, if you ask me!!!

So, I'm drawing up designs for my tattoo. No, I don't know exactly where it will go. But I do know I'm sure I want it. I want it to have bright colors, and 'stick out' from the crowd, kind of like I do. LOL
I think tattoos are the ultimate form of self expression. But that's how I was raised, too. And nowadays, way more 'normal' people have tattoos than EVER before.
I think they are great 'markers' for milestones, or whatever in your life. My first one was on my 18th birthday, (thanks mom) and the second I got at the Ozzfest concert Mike and I went to, after we first met. He got one at the same time, but NO they don't match. We did make a memory together, but if we ever broke up we wouldn't have 'matching tattoos' just got them the same place/time. That was the first concert I went to really. I went to a boy band concert when I was 11 I think, so you can see why I call Ozzfest my first concert. LOL

I painted my first set of Fiberglass doors this week at work. Yes, I was nervous about it at first. Everything turned out well. The primer ran on me, due to a problem I was having with the pump, for one thing. The gun kept clogging, like every 30 seconds. I still dont know what the problem was!! I had cleaned the machine totally out beforehand, the filters and everything. I strained the paint, I did everything like you are sopposed to. STILL clogged up on me, like a thousand times or thats what it seemed like!!!! I had a minor meltdown!! I wont lie. LOL
As soon as I saw that paint starting to run, and the pump was still screwing up, I just felt like I was gonna explode. Then the guy I work with, (yes my friend's boyfriend) walks into the back, and 'looks over' the doors,,,,,,,,,,,,,,says "oh man these look terrible, what happened?"
I just lost it.
seriously, all calmness had left my body an hour beforehand, after (re) cleaning the pump again and again. I yelled a few things, most of which I dont remember. Told him HE should paint them if 'its so easy' and walked out.
After a smoke break, I DID come back and apologize for yelling. Didn't really say sorry for WHAT I said, but how I said it. He seemed like he got over it pretty quick. So that made me gain a lil more respect for him. Since he didnt hold a grudge, or bring it up again.
And I finished the doors yesterday afternoon. I could have been done at 3 yesterday, the boss left town early friday morning. Im babysitting the dog by the I wanted to clean out the paint pump really good ,,, and a few other things, so I didn't leave until after 4pm.

Sure felt good driving outta there knowing I have three days off!!!! woo hoo!!

WELL, that's about all I got for now. Im going to figure out how to 'scan' the designs I have for my upcoming tattoo. LOL   I will add them to the page, when I figure out how to do it. Patience is key!!!!!

Hope everybody has a GREAT weekend.
THANKS so much, for all the kind words everybody.

To be continued

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