Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 4, with dentures (and my job interview)

So the morning started off really early,,, had to be at the dentist office at 7am. Now I go back next monday, the 9th to get my stiches out.

Had somewhat of a reline done I guess. I asked him to shave a lil off the front, where the plate goes over the front of my gums. He did, and I think it looks a lil better, and Im able to pull my lip over my teeth a bit more, which has helped my speech.
My speech still isnt perfect, or great, but Im making progress.
Everyone I talk to says everything will come with time. Im trying to stay positive. I knew this whole thing would be a  transition, so I just gotta push thru.
Im still not eating very much, I know I should eat more, I just dont even feel hungry. Ice cream is good, but I have to let it melt, almost like Im drinking it instead of eating it.

Today I did notice though, when I took the top plate out, it sort of feels wierd to NOT have it in, rather than to have it IN, like it did yesterday. Hopefully thats a sign, that things are getting better, or that it will?
Somebody told me that my taste buds will get  stronger, on my tongue, with time. Right now, everything I eat feels like cardboard. Its hard to explain!!!

I know it looks better than rotten teeth, anything is better than that. Im just waiting for my confidence, to 'fill in' the gaps, I guess.
Im still locking myself in the bathroom, any time I take them out. The only person besides the dentist to see me without them, has been grandma, and its probably going to stay that way for a LONG time.
Mike has been such a trooper, he says, "I dont ever have to see you without them"

Okay, my interview.
I think it went good. The guy wants me to do a trim pack in a house or something like that not this weekend, but next weekend, and go from there. Mainly, so we can discuss money. He doesnt want to name his price on me I guess until he can see what I can do. Which, is fine with me, I totally understand wheres hes coming from, and I dont want to have to start at a low wage, and work up. Hopefully, I can just do this small "whatever" for him and I'll be making a decent wage, RIGHT AWAY.
Thats the plan anyway!!!!
Apparently, he stays busy year-round, which is exactly what I want. Yes, it sucks for me having to start over somewhere and prove myself all over agian. But dammit, I need to make more money. I feel like Im worth it!! I know Im worth more than what my boss is paying me now, becuase even when he was paying me $3 an hour more, the guy before me who only did HALF what I did was making $18 bucks an hour.
I just feel like hes using me at this point. No, Im not perfect, I'll be the first to admit that. But I do try as hard as I can every single day. And thats got to be worth SOMETHING.

Im drowning in a sea of boxes!!!!!
but its okay, I know thats a work in progress as well!!!
I cant wait to get outta here. I think we are moving sunday, when I get back from the airport. My aunt and cousins from southern california, are coming for a week. Im taking grandma to the portland airport sunday morning to pick them up. I think early, so hopefully that will leave enough time to move the big stuff, sunday afternoon.
By then, we should have everything else there already.

the pain in my mouth has been pretty manageable. Definitely NOTHING compared to the 'upper molars' extractions.  I can tell when it gets close to my four hour-motrin window, since it starts to throb, but other than that, its totally tolerable.
This is definitely a hell of a diet plan, if you would like a good one!!
Ive probably eaten more today, than I have the last three days all added together.  My mom made some potato soup, so I did eat that yesterday, and the day before, I think??

Well, thanks for letting me vent, I needed it.

More later, I promise

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  1. I agree that your doing the right thing all the way! GOD BLESS You & Your family. I am in Treatment right now also. I wished on Suboxene. But they don't have it here? I am the same as you are now! Deb