Saturday, July 28, 2012

A ride from Hell, and the newest member of our family!!

First I want to start by saying, we welcomed a new member to our family this week. He is a dutch shepherd, about three years old. He is SUCH a good dog. We responded to a dog up for adoption (ad) and sort of 'applied' for him. The wonderful people that were trying to find him a new home, thought we could provide a GREAT one!! which of course, we will!!!
Sam has already fallen in love. I'm so happy for him. He has a buddy, and a playmate, and its wonderful. I knew we didn't have time for a puppy, and all the training that comes with one. The shelter here, REQUIRES you have a fenced yard, no exceptions. And many other ads for pets, want a 'rehoming' fee of 150 + dollars. The most expensive we heard, was $300. Yea, ridiculous is what I thought too!!
Fritz, reminds me somewhat of my previous dog, Cota, who lived until sam was just a few months  old. I got him at 17, and he was 12 when he died. So, it took me a long time to be ready for a dog in the first place, and I wanted to make sure I chose the right one. Well, now after almost a week, I KNOW I did. And, he was WORTH the wait!!!
He listens so well, and has a little bit of that goofy shepherd personality like cota did, which I just love. We've been to the dog park (less than a half mile up the road) three times already, the lake, and we went to the beach today. Mike and I wore out BOTH fritz and sam!!! So  a good time was had by all.

Now, on another note.......
Works been real busy. I actually bring fritz to work with me!! He kinda runs around the yard a little, hangs out on a piece of cardboard next to the car, and I leave the car door open, if he wants to lay in the seat. My boss is fine with it, he actually says he feels better, with him there when Im in the shop all by myself, all day long.
A new guy got hired, I think he started on Monday. Turns out that his girlfriend is in jail, for selling prescription drugs. Yep, I know, what a coincidence, right? Oh it gets better.....
He's mostly working in the office, but Ive explained that I cant drive the company trucks, cuz of my driving record; so he's been doing the deliveries, since Mike started his new job.  So, I had to ride with this guy. Let me tell you , I was not prepared!!!!
I CANNOT, for the LIFE of me, Believe THIS GUY can be on the insurance, and I cant!!!
the first time we went on delivery, he couldn't get the truck into 3rd, or 4th gear. Now, when I first started working, I did drive the truck for about a week, before the insurance denied me, so I know its not that difficult. Plus, I drive it between shops (on the same block) all the time.
Anyways, he was in oncoming traffic, more than once. I swear he almost wiped out some mailboxes, at least 5 times in surf pines. Also, when we were turning off the highway, my side of the truck was in the scotch broom he was trying to downshift (WASNT getting it) instead of SLOWING DOWN for the turn. And its a boxtruck, which makes SLOWING down on a corner/turn highly important!!
So Friday, we had to go down the coast, and I really didnt know if I was gonna make it back, ALIVE, lol.
seriously though, I got directions from the boss, on all five places we needed to go. Well, mr. rocket scientist, wanted to go by his GPS, and NOT the actual physical directions I had. well, that turned out to be a nightmare, all its own. Everywhere we went he was in the oncoming traffic lane, or WAY too close to somebody's car!! Im NOT being dramatic here. I wish that I was. One place we went, he had to park on a hill, Im guessing he has NO IDEA how to use a clutch and the EBRAKE. He'd roll back, every time he tried to go forward. He had me get out of the truck at one point, to 'guide' him. But apparently, we found out as we were leaving, at that point is was too late. One of the guys at the job site, said he scraped his bumper, just before I got out..........
Yes, there was a scuff mark on the bumper of his truck, just the right height. The guy says it wasn't a big deal, as long as he didnt hit it, on the way out!!!!
I didnt say anything to my boss, only because the guy at the job seemed okay, and Im not sure WHO else he'd bring in, and WHO KNOWS, the next guy could be worse!!!!!
But I know my blood pressure was high Friday, thats for sure.
This guy was driving in those curves, outside cannon beach WAY too fast, AND trying to program the stupid GPS, even though I had directions. Which now, looking back, he says he knows he should have just followed. But just imagine this guy doing that, driving 50mph in 35mph corners, and weaving across the center line. Even a log truck honked at him.
I seriously, felt like I was having a heart attack!!!
Part of what we had to deliver, was a whole shitload of tongue and groove siding, about 100 , 16' 1x6s. Anyways, after we unloaded all that at the job, on our way to the next one, he tells me he needs to take one of his oxy's cuz his knee hurts. he apparently had knee surgery, MONTHS ago, but still takes pain meds.
Yea, I know that story all too well.
It didnt really trigger me, really.
Yes, I thought about how all my shit started, because when it started, I didn't think I had a problem either. But I can tell, he will be headed that way, if he doesn't try NOT TO.
The whole thing just disturbs me.
But, Im happy,(in general) still. Im so glad mike LIKES his new job!! what a relieve THAT is!!!

All we have to do, is get thru the rest of this week, Somehow, and then we'll be just fine financially. Its gonna be SO much easier, with two incomes now. I cannot wait!! The check we are living off now, is the one that I was three days short on, because of the fourth of  july, and the fact that we were moving. Thats why its been so hard. I'm definitely ready for things to be easier, in that department.

Things are going well, other than all that I just explained. I feel such a sense of calm, coming home now. You know, being outta that apartment!!!
Its such a great change for me. And sam cant stop talking about his new house, and now of course, his new doggy.
heres a pic of Fritz.......................

Hes SOOO gentle with sam.
Im so glad he's part of the family...............

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