Sunday, July 15, 2012

15 months & counting!!

Things are going pretty great for me right now. . . . . . .
In all aspects. I've been feeling completely overwhelmed, as I think anyone would walking around looking in boxes for their belongings!! But I just take  a deep breath and realize, you don't win a war in ONE day, you take things one step at a time. So each box I unpack, is one battle I guess.
Two weeks now with dentures, and they feel like they've always been there. It's so weird now, cuz I forget they are even there once in awhile. A week ago, I thought that would NEVER happen!! My speech is pretty much back to normal too. So my confidence is getting better and better. I see the dentist again tomorrow, after work.
Sam has his three year check up tomorrow afternoon. Im not really nervous about it or anything, but I do have MANY questions for the doctor. About his behavior and him constantly trying to run from me, things like that. He throws these HUGE fits sometimes too. Where he clinches his fists and screams, his face turns red, it looks like he's being possessed by the devil himself. Why the hell do they say terrible twos??? The attitude comes in FULL force at three, in my opinion!!
Mike's pretty sure he's found a job, with a medical transport place here in town. I forgot what the name of it is. But basically, he's going to be a delivery driver, delivering people instead of concrete or lumber. He seems to get along pretty well with older people, especially crotchety ones, so Im sure he'd do just fine!! I guess you drive the van or whatever home, and they pay for the fuel so that would totally help our "one car family" situation.
Tomorrow he's going to work with me, because the guy I used to work with, his last day was friday. AND my boss ran the ad in the paper for over two weeks, only getting back two responses I think. My driving record isnt 'insurable' according to the company insurance, so thats the biggest issue. So Mike's record is clean, other than  a speeding ticket, but its been almost three years ago. I told my boss I didnt care if he came in to do deliveries, but I did not want to work with him, 40+ hours a week!! he laughed, and said he could understand that.
The job with the medical place, he has to go get his fingerprints done in seaside on Tuesday, then go by the office and fill out paperwork.  I think the guy said as long as everything comes back 'ok' then he can start right away. Oh yea, they pay 35% of the 'revenue' or $11 an hour which ever is more. But I guess in this area, theres only one other company that offers this service, so its the percentage, which works out to be anywhere from $13-17 an hour. Thats what the last person averaged anyways, then they got a DUI.
With Mike working, it's gonna make everything easier.
Daycare will be expensive, but sam needs some preschool anyways, so Im looking at it that way.

We had some family from California visiting all week. It was really nice to see my aunt and cousins, and was even cooler for sam to play with his little cousins all week. We took them back to the airport yesterday morning. EARLY. LOL
Im so happy in my new place. Its so much nicer coming home to this place ,, then coming home to that apartment. I mean nothing bad to anyone in that situation, we did it for six years. It was all we could afford!! But I think its definitely a good stepping stone to something nicer, not to mention bigger, and you learn to be grateful for what you've got , thats for SURE. Everytime we go to the store or anything, sam will say "are we gonna go see my new house now"
Mike had to cut the 3 FEET of grass that was our lawn this weekend. I think he mowed, three times!! To be able to 'get it down' close enough, to actually mow. Maybe the people here before us, didnt have a mower??? Im not sure.

Another person I used to know, used to see once in awhile, died of an overdose last week. The news saddened me, but only paused me for a moment. Im so glad Ive moved on. In no way is it 'easy' , even on suboxone, but it IS well worth it.
I went up on my suboxone dose, with the whole denture situation, and Im now on my way back down. The transition is fairly easy. I really dont feel any different, whether I take 24mg or 8mg, its just the pain I feel. Like with my teeth getting pulled, I took it three times a day, and it helped the soreness in my mouth. Sometimes when I take 8mg in the morning, I need to take 8 more in the evening, because my back hurts. But I dont feel anything physiological, or euphoric. I even forget to take it for a day once in awhile, until my back hurts.
The patient assistance thing Im on, ends in October, and even though I'll apply for it again, Im going to plan on it NOT going thru. With taking 8mg, the total cost per month is about $150 or 75 each paycheck. I can totally handle that. To me, its well worth the alternative.

Well, thats about it for me today. Thanks everyone, for your continued support  :-}
Gotta picture to post ...............

 Yes, this is at our new place!!!    Yay!!

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