Saturday, June 30, 2012

new smile + new home + job = new life???

First things first,,,,
my dentist appointment friday morning,,,,
I did NOT do the sedation this time. I felt like I had a hangover or something when I did it before, and I just thought since it was only five teeth this time, it'd be 'ok'
Well, I brought my MP3 player, and that proved to be my saving grace!!!
I had the thing so loud, the dentist was humming along to the songs!! Lets face it, it IS the sounds that you hear of your teeth coming out that are the worst, and I think when they are FRONT teeth, it makes that even worse.
BUT, I will say he was SUPER fast, and it only took a few mins, because it only took a song and a half, to get them out!!! (whew)
I did feel the backpart of the stitches, it didnt feel awesome, I'll say that. but that was over relatively quickly also.
Now, leaving that office with teeth in my mouth, I had lots of different emotions, but I did like the way I looked in the mirror.
Grandma, cried when she saw me walking from the chair, out in to the waiting room.
She said "theres my beautiful girl"
It was an unforgettable moment.

I go back in for "adjustments" monday morning at 7am, so I dont have to miss any work. They seem to be fitting really well though. the bottom partial, fits perfect, but probably because all the teeth that were coming out were pulled months ago.
So, the top, I have some 'room' where my teeth were pulled, but it doesnt feel loose. and they havent 'come out' at all, not even when I was sleeping.
Dr. Jeff, told me to take them out sometime today, and clean them up, rinse with saltwater and all that.
I was anxious about that. But I did it just a lil while ago.
I locked myself in the bathroom first!!!!
then took out the top plate and cleaned it all up, rinsed with salt water, and put'm back in.
I will say this.
IT WAS SHOCKING to see myself, with NO teeth up there. JUST WIERD, and sad, and I dont know. shocking. . . .
I do have stitches, holding everything together. Even though I prepared myself that I was going to look in the mirror soon, and not have any teeth on the top, it was still an absolute shock to the system for some reason???
Im handling it though.
I think Im doing okay with talking , Im definitely sounding better than yesterday when I first left the dentist office!!!

I'm sure there will be more 'bridges' to cross in this journey, so I'll fill ya in, as they come. Im hopeing that my soreness doesnt get worse over the next few days like it did with the top molars, the dentist said it shouldnt becuase these teeth were 'single roots'
If this is as bad as it will get, than its no big deal. I was in ALOT of pain, when the top molars got pulled, but they didnt START to hurt for three days I think.

SO, on another front, we are FINALLY moving out of this apartment..........YESSSSSSSSS
we moved in here, may of 2007.
so yes, I have alot of 'memories' that are hard to get rid of, here. Thankfully, most of the people I was 'friends' with here two years ago, have moved out. But the fact remains, that this place can be a 'trigger' at some times.
The problem was, it was the most affordable thing we had, and even after looking around, was all we could really do.
Well, since I been giving grandma roughly half of my take home pay, you know to pay for my dental work (one) and because no recovering drug addict needs to carry that much cash, she thought we should look into buying a trailer, at a one of the parks in warrenton. There were about 5 for sale a few weeks ago.
We negotiated, and negotiated, and some more, and filled out the application for the park, (manager) and went with the best deal we could get!!!!
I think we got a screaming deal, for a 67' trailer. It comes with all the appliances, even a DISHWASHER!! We've never had one, unless you count Mike, hes the dishwasher in our house!! ha ha ha
So, the people we bought it from will be moved out by tuesday next week, and I have wed/thurs off for the fourth of July!!!!
We need to paint, and clean, make sure they remove everything, or take what they leave away. So we can 'start fresh'
Im so excited to move outta this place!!
Sam will have a yard to play in, and a place to ride his bike, I imagine more than one kid to play with like he does now!!! So Im super excited for him, too.
We'll be so much closer to everything, saving so much on gas its not even funny!! I go thru a lil more than two tanks of gas every two weeks, (150 bucks) pretty much just driving to work and back. AND lets not forget, we'll only be a couple miles from grandma, instead of 14 miles!!
My mom only lives about 6 blocks away, too.
I know Im going to have to be alot more strict on my budget, unless,,,, I get this job monday that I have an interview for!!!
Im not getting my hopes up, I might get it, I might not, if I dont I will just keep looking. Lately, ive just been telling myself if something doesnt work out, it wasnt MEANT TO BE.
So thats how Im looking at it.
If I do get hired, it will be for about the same money I was making working on the Trendwest project, and that would be GREAT.
Mike is still looking for something part time, or good paying full time, and with us moving to warrenton, on the bus route, that just opens so much more opportunity for HIM as well. Plus, theres alot of places he and sam can walk to, which is NOT an option out here in the 'country'

LOTS of changes in my life this last week, and maybe monday!!! (fingers crossed guys)
When just a week or so ago, I felt nothing but overwhelmed, and like I was banging my head agianst a wall, almost ready to 'give in'
OH, Im so glad I didnt!!!!!!!
It just proves, that things DO get BETTER, eventually. Its NOT easy, but I dont think its sopposed to be right?? If it were easy to 'turn it all around" then itd be too easy to walk away agian, or give in to temptation. You would think," oh its not hard to get all together agian."

I catch myself still trying to hide my teeth with my lips and when I smile, but I NEED to learn, its OKAY to let'm show!!!!!!
Kinda funny, after taught myself kinda like 'auto pilot' to NEVER or almost never, let them be seen!!!

its a learning experience.....................
and thanks SO much to all of you that support me and follow me, I really couldnt be here, without it!!!!!!

                                            BEFORE,,,, mike took this pic at the beach, and made me laugh!!
                                            then says, you needed a good 'before' pic anyways!!
                                        this is RIGHT after I got home, so there will be better
                                                  ones coming REALLY soon!!!

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