Sunday, May 6, 2012

One ROUGH week!! (and a funny story)

My title says it all........
I truly believe, that this last week was a true test of my sobriety/recovery.

Just like my last post says, NOT having the ability to medicate, EVEN when you feel "entitled" too, is pretty damn hard.

But you know what???
Now, Im that much stronger. Now, on a regular lets say somewhat 'challenging' day, I can look back and be like,,,,
this is NOTHING compared to when I had those teeth pulled and got sick right after!!!

My gums truly hurt for a week straight. Even with taking the ibprofen and tylenol every 4 hours, on the dot. The first two days was really easy, and I thought I had it "whipped"
Last time,  the first two days was definitely the worst.

I even called the dentist a few days ago, because I was truly ready to FREAK OUT. its not that  it intensely hurt for a week straight, its that it REALY hurt for a week straight, and it just DIDNT go away!!
Anyways, after a 20min talk with him, I was relieved a little to know that it WAS going to EVENTUALLY get better. He did offer pain meds, but I refused. I mightve thought about using something for pain if I wasn't already in the mindset that I really wanted to escape reality already for the last 5 days. I really didn't think I was in a good enough place to take home a bottle of painkillers.

I did end up using a lil more of my suboxone than normal, but I know its okay, because Ive discussed this with my doctor before. It certainly doesnt do anything for my head, meaning like a 'high' or anything, but in the middle of the night, when the motrin has worn off and your waiting for it to 'kick in' an xtra strip of suboxone numbs the gums, at least long enough to let the motrin do its job. When your in that much pain, you'll do whatever it takes!!

Back to work on Monday.........
this big Trendwest job that Ive been working on is on the downhill slope. Im not sure whats next for me. There is work at the shop of course, but its for about 20% less pay. Im not gonna make any drastic decision, Im just taking "life" as it comes these days. And I know, at least for around here, STEADY money is much better than LOTS of it, for a SHORT amount of time. . . . . . .

I was finally ready to start eating yesterday. . . More than just soups anyways. I hadn't even been able to really eat more than a cup or so of ANYTHING up until yesterday. I would just be in so much pain by the time I had eaten a bit.
Mike looked at me like I was nuts last night, I had a plate full of steamed carrots with butter, and broccoli too, then a piece of chicken. It was SOOOOOO yummy.
And I felt so much better afterwards.

Stitches come out THURSDAY

I gotta share this 'story' about my son too.......
He loves to watch "Imagination Movers" on the Disney Channel. some of you may know what Im talking about, but its a kids show with four guys that have somewhat of a band and an "idea warehouse"
Well, he always wants to watch it on the ON DEMAND with the cable. I had been looking ALL OVER the place for  a dvd for him to watch in HIS room. I finally find one on amazon for just a couple bucks, and was SO stoked.
It came in the mail last week, and I brought it home, he was SOOOOO happy to open it, SOOO excited to watch it after he ate his dinner!!!

after he eats dinner, we let'm go in his room and watch it, you could hear him dancing, and singing and all that. well,,,, a lil while later, he comes outta his room ,,, with his hand on his head, walks up to me and says,

Im like what the hell???
he says, "mama, I poop."
I said, you pooped in your underwear?
hes just looking at me.
hes walking ever so slowly to the potty, clinching his cheeks.

I walk in his room to turn off the dvd.

WHAT DO I STEP IN???? guessed it!!!
why did you do that????
all Im getting is a blank stare........

He says DADDY, You need to go clean up the POO POO

Mike was like, no YOUR gonna clean it up!!!

I sent him to time out, because he has been dry at night now for over two weeks, and he has only had like one other accident in the last TWO MONTHS.
he KNEW EXACTLY what he was doing!!!

and what a mess by the way!!
Oh well.....
he had a three minute time out, and NO treats that night. Been doing good ever since of course.

That's why God made your kids so CUTE,,, so you don't choke'm out!!!!
Just kidding,
They DO try your patience though......I know Sam is my mothers "payback" for me, I'm SO convinced.

Hope everyone has a great day.....enjoy this beautiful Sunday

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