Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A new smile by summer

Its no secret,
how bad my teeth are. Anyone who knows me, knows I mostly smile without showing them at all. When Im around people Im comfortable with, I almost forget, when I laugh really hard. That is until my mouths open, then I remember.
And lets not forget to mention how fun it is dealing with abscesses all the time, and shopping at the grocery store according to 'what you can chew' without much for teeth.
It has gotten a little better, since  I had 9 teeth pulled at the end of febuary. they were mostly all broken off at the gum line anyway. The absess/deasise had gotten so bad, that the last abscess took almost a month to get rid of. I was sick, all over my body, not just my mouth. thats when grandma and I talked about getting the money together to get my teeth fixed. since I started working, Ive given her a good portion of my paychecks, for ONE to pay her back for all the shit I put her thru, and for TWO because even now, when I have a lot of money in my pocket, my addict brain kicks in and TRIES to convince me to spend it like the old days. Not a good scenario........
So, with her help, is THE ONLY reason Im able to get this done. And Im more thankful than I can put into words. Ive told her before, she should have left me on the side of the road, years ago. but like Ive said before, she must be hard wired to love me no matter what.
Back to my point,
I have 5 teeth of my own on the bottom, after my 9 extractions.
On April 26th, Im going to have all but 5 front teeth pulled, meaning all my molars. there's about 4 that are broken off at the gums like the bottom was.
Four weeks AFTER that appointment, Im going back in, to have the last 5 on top pulled, and I'll leave with NEW TEETH!!!! on top and bottom!!!!!!!
Now, he says, I probly wont want to wear the top denture much at first, but I need to try. Well, I will, let me tell ya.
Im doing the top in sections, so that I dont have to walk around for weeks, without any teeth while the molar holes heal up. AND the second reason, is because Im having all this work done without any pain meds, besides motrin , tylenol, and my suboxone.
At my last apt, they gave me a couple 'benzos' to take, called "triazolam"
My regular doctor was totally okay with this, saying its the best thing for me, because it'll help me relax while getting my teeth chipped out, and should help me sleep, all while not affecting my suboxone at all.
It did help, but Im telling you, getting 9 teeth pulled was still an ordeal. But I did it, and it made me even stronger. Like, if you can do THIS, you can do anything!!

Ive been to just about every dentist in this county.
The vast majority, would say, "how did your teeth get so bad"
I'd tell them I was a drug user, and part of that time I abused methadone, because alot of dentist/doctors know that opiates in general cause really bad dry mouth, and for some reason moreso of people that are on methadone, have thinning enamel. Not everyone, because part of it is genetics too, is what Ive heard from more than one doctor. So the dry mouth, thinning enamel, and the fact that you crave sweets like you couldnt imagine coming off opiates, really can do damage to your teeth. It might start with a cavity, but are you really gonna pay $200 for a dentist visit when you cant even keep $10, because EVERY dollar you have goes to your addiction???????????
probably not.......so one cavity, turns to 5, then broken teeth, then the gums growing over it.

Anyway, as soon as I'd mention drug use, they couldnt get me outta the office fast enough.
that last abscess I was talking about, that felt like it was killing me, well a few weeks before that, when it was still just 'infected' I saw THREE different dentists, and NONE of them would do anything unless I had about 4 grand.
then I'd get pushed outtta the office ASAP.
Dr Lienessar, was completely different.
even from the beginning.
when I tell him how much 'clean time' I have, he's shaking my hand, telling me "great job, thats no easy task there"
THATS why Im seeing him.
Today, it seemed like he was ALMOST as excited as me, to get new teeth.
the last time I saw him, when I got my stitches out, I was telling him i wanted the rest pulled ASAP!!!
He explained to me that we 'really need to be patient and let my mouth heal'
I was sorta bummed, but then after I thought about it, I was like, well, he must be right, or know what he's doing, because any other dentist I saw would have been in a HELL FIRE hurry to pull my teeth, and get the money!!!!
Dr. Lienessar was using analogies, like, "if you were my 30 yr old kid, this is how I would want you to go about your treatment"

Im so excited to get my teeth fixed. Im so happy that I'll be able to eat chips, and popcorn, WHATEVER I want!! I know it'll be sore for  along time, and I'll have to be patient, but theres LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!!!!!

Thats all Ive got for today, But Im sure glad I started writing on here. I was seeing my therapist, every week. I decided to take a break though, just for awhile. This blog REALLY helps fill the gap for me..........

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